how to create a website with wix

Written by wp_rubait

December 15, 2018

Wix may be a pretty intuitive website builder. however as a result of it offers a large amount of choices, you may simply feel a bit charmed once you use Wix to make your own website for the first time.

So if you’re searching for a tutorial to form a Wix website, then this guide is for you.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the Wix dashboard and show you ways it works. We’ll also see the various settings and steps you would like to do to publish a shiny new Wix website.

Ready? Let’s begin.

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Learn How to create a website in just 5 steps

  1.  sign up
  2. Choose the right template
  3. Customize your website
  4. Add professional Tools
  5. Get your website Online

01. Sign up

02. Choose the right Template for you

It all starts with a stunning template

No matter what your business or passion is, Wix features a template for you – filled with options you’ll love. There are over a dozen categories as well as music, design, on-line store, photography, business and far more. All Wix templates include the identical core features and are absolutely customizable, thus you’ll select a example and change something to create it yours..

What do you need a website for?

Are you creating a website for your business, photography, portfolio, online store, restaurant? Simply choose the category that fits closest to your needs. Within that category you’ll have lots of subcategories that are more specific. For example, “Business” breaks down into “Consulting,” “Services,” and “Marketing”. There are 100s of templates, so no matter what you’re creating a website for, you’ll find it here.

Choose a design you like

Once you know your template category, have fun choosing a design you love. There are lots of different styles – minimal, fun, professional, contemporary and more. You can view and edit any template – they’re all free. If there is something you don’t need, like a section or page, you can always delete it. Think of your template as a starting point. You can change anything you want, so have fun with it!

03. Customize It

Drag and drop or change anything

After selecting a template, make it your own. You can customize anything you see and add stunning design features like image galleries, video backgrounds and more. When it comes to content, it’s important to include information like your business name, logo and contact details, so clients can easily get in touch. With Wix, you have the freedom to make your website look exactly the way you want

Add Your Own Content

Adding great content is an important part of making your own website. The text, images and videos on your website should explain who you are and what you do. Be clear and don’t be afraid to show a little personality. Remember, short and sweet is good too!

04. Add Professional Tools

Manage your business online

Wix offers complete business management solutions you can easily add to your website. Let clients book their next appointment with Wix Bookings. Upload and sell your music with Wix Music – commission free. Or show off your delicious menu and take orders online with Wix Restaurants.

05. Get Your Site Online

Publish to go live

Once your website is ready, and you love how it looks – publish it. From the Wix Editor, click “Publish” in the top right corner. You will immediately get a link to your new, live website. Anyone can use this link to visit your site. And that’s it. Now you know how to build a website with Wix – congrats!

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